World Association of Science Engineering

WASE Senior Members


The grade of WASE Senior Member (Senior Member, WASE ) is conferred by invitation of the WASE Societies and the WASE editorial board. For transferring to the grade of WASE Senior Member, it requires solid experience reflecting the maturity in the engineering domain. Senior Member is the highest grade for which WASE members can apply. To be eligible for application, candidates must:

our WASE Senior Members are engineers at the managerial level, professors and lecturers, and research scientists;
have experience reflecting professional maturity;
have been in professional practice for at least seven years;
show "significant performance" over a period of at least four of their years in professional practice.

Benefits of Senior Membership

The professional recognition of your peers for technical and professional excellence.
Announcement of elevation can be made in Section/Society and/or local newsletters, newspapers and notices.
Senior Members are eligible to hold executive WASE volunteer positions.
A letter of commendation will be sent to your employer on the achievement of Senior member grade (upon the request of the newly elected Senior Member).
Senior Members can serve as a reference for other applicants for Senior Membership.
Senior Members are invited to be on the panel to review Senior Member applications.
You will be invited to join the committees of WASE Societies and the WASE editorial board as board members or reviewers of the WASE journals.
You may propose to organize and chair a new or existing WASE/IEEE conference sponsored by WASE .
You will be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant WASE/IEEE conference sponsored by WASE .
You can register the WASE/IEEE conference sponsored by WASE with a discounted price.

If you are interested in joining WASE as Free-of-Charge, please compile and return the Membership Form / Senior Membership Form along with your CV to WISE.membership@gmail.com attachment. Your application will be processed in 3 work days.