World Association of Science Engineering

WASE Student Members


Engineers, university students and postgraduate researchers can join WASE as WASE Members (Member, WASE).

Student of all world's universities and academics at the developer and research level including PhD. Candidate, Master and bachelor are welcome to join WASE as WASE Student Members first. Then, from time to time, our WASE Societies co-chairs and the WASE editorial board members make recommendation for inviting our qualified WASE Student Members to become the WASE Members.

You can register the WASE/IEEE conference sponsored by WASE with a discounted price.
WASE Student Members can receive WASE News and view all the WASE journal and conference publications freely.

If you are interested in joining WASE as Free-of-Charge, please compile and return the Membership Form / Senior Membership Form along with your CV to members@enjoywise.org attachment. Your application will be processed in 3 work days.