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Events Overview

Being one of the largest organizers of scientific/technical/business events in the general WASE field and its applications, WASE sponsors annually over a hundred international symposiums, conferences and workshops covering dozens of WASE topical areas directly related to or impacted by information and communication technologies. Beyond traditional areas of computer science and engineering, WASE sponsored events address all walks of life with an WASE orientation, such as medicine, health, arts, immersive environments, simulation, modeling, entertainment, nanotechnology, social-networking, digital and electronic forensics, nano-comunications, robotics, virtual worlds, auction theories, bionetics, etc. Through workshops, demos, exhibits and tutorials, WASE is encouraging the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of research results in these cutting edge and emerging research areas as well.

WASE conferences are located on all five continents where the society maintains its world chapters. Countries hosting past and presently planned conferences include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA among others.

The quality of scientific output at WASE conferences is ensured by a rigorous review process that is conducted by an international group of recognized experts at each conference. WASE features some of the most selective conferences in the WASE area starting at 10% acceptance rate. WASE's conferences are included in all major indexes and distributed to all major libraries.

WASE 's close collaboration with the world's leading technical and professional societies, associations and research centers, such as ACM, Create-Net, INRIA, IFIP, PANLAB, etc., provides a further guarantee of outstanding scientific quality. Current WASE conference proceedings are published in the Lecture Notes of WASE series, a joint publication of WASE and Springer and in collaboration with other prestigious publishers and organizations, including ACM, Cambridge University Press and OMNIPRESS, and have been indexed in SCI, EI, DBLP, Google Scholar, ProQuest, SCOPUS, CPX, ISI, and ISTP.


Technical Conferences

WASE's scientific events have been hosted and held in cooperation with the world's leading universities and academic institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology, University of Cambridge, City University, University of Hannover, University of Pisa, University of Adelaide, etc.

WASE strives to continue expanding its current portfolio of scientific events in order to provide further learning, dissemination and networking opportunities for the global academic, scientific and research communities.

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Science-to-Business Conferences

One of the central goals of WASE is to provide an innovative forum for exchanging ideas and presenting business opportunities related to the areas of technology transfer and innovation. WASEaims to create such a platform through its independent business oriented events, the S/B2B conferences, with the specific mission of bringing together experts from academic, industrial and governmental sectors. S/B2B conferences put special emphasis on transferring innovative ideas from research to business communities, promoting interaction between scientific and regulatory sectors and transforming theoretical ideas into concrete products and applications.

S/B2B conferences feature program elements that cover the entire innovation timeline spectrum starting with the presentation of related technology fundamentals and ideas and ending with the demonstration of concrete products and applications. The process of innovation consists of multiple developmental phases and is directly linked to several different types of activities, such as market analysis, research execution, prototype development, technology transfer, product testing, etc. S/B2B conferences offer a venue of interaction for a wide array of technology, financial, business, regulatory, academic and research communities.

S/B2B Conferences are independent events consisting of multiple different tracks:

1. The Position Paper Track features short business/industry oriented position papers selected on the bases of technology relevance, innovative edge, business approach and practical applicability.
2. The Exhibition and Demo Track represents an opportunity for companies to showcase their ideas, products and services to a relevant audience.
3. The Business Presentation Track is designed for invited presentations delivered by company executives, industry advocates, government officials and R&D experts.
4. The Product Review Track provides a platform for vendors and service providers to present, introduce, or test their products or services and to receive feedback from the community.
5. The Entrepreneurial Forum offers entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and professional advisors a chance to learn about current entrepreneurial opportunities and principles from around the world.

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Engineering for Innovation Conferences

Call for Participation(PDF)

In today's knowledge-driven business and technology environments, innovation has become the central force for success. Enterprises that are not ready to re-evaluate their products, services, and business models on a constant basis are finding it difficult to maintain a competitive position in the global market.

Competitiveness can be preserved through an effective dialogue between the research, technology and business communities: the EICs Conference and Workshops Series of WASE have been created specifically to serve this essential objective.

The EICs Conference or Workshop consists of single or multiple track events, typically co-located with technical and/or S/B2B conferences and specifically catering for the needs and interest of the engineering and technology community. The EICs feature State of the Art Position Papers selected on the bases of technology relevance, innovative edge, business approach and practical applicability. The EIC series combines a magazine article forum for meeting and exchange of ideas.

For innovation a key element is wide and targeted dissemination. EIC content on a broad scale will be provided through the Springer Conference Series, WASE Magazine and ConfCast conference dissemination tool. In addition the EICs create an easy and affordable forum for corporate representatives and technology experts to interact and connect with the scientific and research audience of the co-located conferences in the same area of technology.

The EICs are the ideal platform for those who have a direct and daily impact on the technical developments and the enhancements of today's technical standards. This workshop series is made for bringing engineers and practitioners of companies and research centers together with scientists and business people seeking a platform for innovation and exploitations of their results.

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Industry and Technical Partners

Throughout its technical and science-to-business events, WASE has developed good working relationships with a broad range of technical societies, professional associations, academic and scientific organizations, research centers and laboratories, corporate partners and industry sponsors. The following organizations have actively contributed to WASE events through diverse ways of organizational support; such as the hosting of WASE conferences, the technical endorsement of WASE activities or the provision of financial support. Representatives of these organizations have participated in WASE activities as steering, organizing or technical program committee members, keynote and plenary speakers, exhibitors or local volunteers.

Technical societies and professional associations that have supported WASE events include ACM Special Interest Groups, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP), the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS), the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), the Shanghai Academy of Systems Science (SASS) or the Indian Institute of Science (IIS).

Academic institutions that have hosted or contributed to WASE events include the Athens Information Technology (AIT), Boston University (BU), City University of Hong Kong, City University of London, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), University of Cambridge, University of Pisa, Tsinghua University, Institute of Informatics and Telematics, University of Cyprus, Trinity College, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, University of Hannover, or Institute for Infocomm Research.

Corporate partners that have provided organizational support to WASE conference include Agere Systems, ALMT Legal, Alpikom, Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development, Bell Mobility, Bell Canada, CA Labs, CERTH, Ciena, CISCO, Dataquest, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, DoCoMo USA Labs, E-Next Program, Ericsson, France Telecom, Fujitsu, GraphiTech, Huawei, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Honeywell, IBM, Infosys, Intel, LG Electronics, Lucent Technologies, Matisse Networks, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, NOKIA, Nortel Networks, Philips, Sasken, Siemens Mobile, Telcordia Technologies, TILAB, Toshiba, Yahoo Research and WIPRO.


Conference Grants and Awards

WASE encourages the practice of assisting and rewarding distinguished conference participants, organizers, authors and volunteers through a variety of different types of grants and awards. WASE's rewarding instruments are distributed to acknowledge contributions to the organizational process of its activities as well as to facilitate the participation of society members with limited funding opportunities at WASE sponsored events. The most typical contributions that receive formal recognition at WASE events in the form of conference awards include best papers, best student papers, best posters and best demos or exhibits. Conference grants are distributed to individuals who have applied for financial assistance to cover the occurring expenses of their travelling and accommodation arrangements with regard to their participation at WASE events.

WASE commits to maximize the level of such rewarding mechanisms and instruments at each activity it sponsors in accordance with the official organizational procedures. WASE generates the funding for the majority of the grants and awards provided at its events and it regularly partners with industries, businesses, corporations and government agencies to provide additional funding for conference organizers and contributors. WASE makes specific efforts to encourage and facilitate student participation at its conferences and workshops. Application procedures are available for students who would like to receive financial assistance to attend WASE events or are interested in contributing to the organizational process of these events by serving as on-site conference volunteers.

For announcements of available grants and awards for upcoming events, please monitor the WASE News section.


WASE Technical Sponsorship

Apart from financially sponsoring a large portfolio of scientific and business-to-business workshops and conferences, WASE provides technical sponsorship opportunities for events organized and hosted by other associations, societies and academic institutions. The WASE Technical Sponsorship offers a wide range of supporting services and conference management tools for conference organizers, including comprehensive software applications that allow a professional scientific paper submission process, a targeted conference publicity campaign and the inclusion of the conference proceedings in the Lecture Notes of WASE publication series.

A complete WASE Technical Sponsorship Application includes a signed copy of the WASE Technical Sponsorship Form and a copy of the preliminary Call for Papers for the proposed conference. The application should be submitted at least six months before the proposed event and should be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions and submission instructions of the sponsorship form. Upon the submission of an WASE Technical Sponsorship Application, the WASE Events Committee will make a decision on the submitted application and inform the submitting organization within 30 working days after the date of the submission. WASE retains the right to accept or reject applications based on technical, administrative, logistical and other criteria.

To learn more about technical sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@enjoywise.org.


How to sponsor an WASE conference

Industry sponsorship opportunities at WASE activities are available at multiple levels in multiple forms. Partners interested in financially contributing to the organizational process of WASE events can substantially benefit from the technical and marketing elements offered in the different sponsorship packages. Sponsoring an WASE activity can provide the sponsoring organization with a series of concrete advantages, such as the promotion of a certain product/service line within a highly specialized, influential community, the organization of an event that focuses on research problems specifically identified by the sponsoring partner, the promotion of organizational principles and policy positions through an inclusion in the official conference program, or the expression of interest in supporting a specific technological research area.

The specifically designed WASE sponsorship packages match different levels of benefits with different levels of financial commitment on behalf of the sponsoring organization. In case of all sponsorship packages, acknowledgments of the sponsoring organization, such as the company's name, product, and logo, appears in the main web page of the sponsored conference and in all official documentation related to the event. Certain packages include more specific benefits, such as the right to deliver a short presentation within the official framework of the conference or the option to sponsor a social activity, such as the gala dinner, a welcome reception or a business luncheon. In addition to these alternatives, sponsoring organization can become involved through an even wider array of different channels, such as sponsoring grants and awards or organizing exhibit and demos.

WASE events have been financially supported by a multitude of corporate partners that include Agere Systems, ALMT Legal, Alpikom, AOARD - Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development, Bell Mobility, Bell Canada, CERTH, Ciena, CISCO, Computer Associates, Dataquest, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, DoCoMo USA Labs, E-Next Program, Ericsson, France Telecom, Fujitsu, GoQuo, GraphiTech, Hassler Foundation, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Honeywell, IBM, Infosys, Intel, Iskratel Ltd, Lambda Optical Systems, LG Electronics, Lucent Technologies, Matisse Networks, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, NOKIA, Nortel Networks, Pei Hua Foundation & K.C. Wond Foundation, Philips, RIM, Sasken, Siemens Mobile, Telcordia Technologies, TILAB, Toshiba, Yahoo Research, Voice & Data, and WIPRO.

To review the diverse sponsorship benefits that correspond to the different levels of sponsorship support, please download the WASE Sponsorship Opportunities.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities at WASE events, please contact info@enjoywise.org.


How to exhibit at an WASE conference

Exhibitors at WASE sponsored events benefit from multiple aspects of becoming associated with a technical or business-to-business conference. Exhibits provide a platform for displaying and gathering feedback on projected innovations and prototypes before their introduction to the market and for showcasing already competing mature products. Exhibits also offer opportunities for organizations interested in promoting certain events and activities or in finding consortium partners for funded projects or other research initiatives. Technical and professional associations, publishers and media partners can also gain substantial advantages by becoming associated with WASE events that cater for a targeted audience in specific technological areas.

The nature of exhibits largely varies depending on the specific spatial and technical requirements of the exhibitors. Some exhibits are dynamic and interactive and by introducing new prototypes, products or services they require the direct participation of the conference attendees in the form of testing and the provision of user feedback. These exhibits usually require sophisticated technological support and a custom made spatial set-up. The more static exhibits usually focus on information dissemination through the distribution of written material, such as brochures, leaflets or CDs. These exhibits have limited technological requirements and require basic spatial arrangements.

Exhibiting opportunities are usually integrated into the more advanced sponsorship packages offered at WASE sponsored events. To review the diverse sponsorship and exhibiting benefits that correspond to the different levels of sponsorship support, please visit the ‘How to sponsor an WASE conference’ section.

To learn more about exhibiting opportunities, please contact info@enjoywise.org.